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Anyone trying to find that elusive Christmas present? Birthday present? Anniversary present? Conservation gift?

MRHLG is offering a truly unique opportunity to name an adult male kiwi.

For those hard to find ‘special’ presents what could be better than the combination of saving kiwi and having your own close connection to an iconic bird. A lifespan of 50 years or so is expected for this bird, only because he lives in an area where there are people who care about kiwi and spend many hours and a lot of money to ensure this. While this nameless kiwi may not be seen by many, he, by giving us more kiwi chicks each year and the funds gained from this auction, will be helping in a very direct way to raise the chances of Kiwi surviving to remain one of the world’s most amazing creatures!

Is this for you?

The TradeMe auction is set to start on Monday 4th December and end on Sunday 10th December and will be listed as “Naming rights for a kiwi” in the ‘Pets and animals’ category at The auction package includes an overnight stay for two adults (this is an adults-only retreat), including dinner and breakfast, at the luxurious Cavalli Beach House Retreat, at Mahinepua, to be used prior to 20th December 2017 or after 31st March 2018.

A package of the internationally acclaimed eco-friendly ‘Living Nature’ products and a selection of other fabulous local products, ‘Olivado’ Oils, ‘Max’ coffee and ‘Makana’ Chocolates are included in the prize package along with;

Naming certification, a framed portrait of the kiwi and a copy of the Random House book ‘Paradise Saved’ which includes an article about MRHLG.

Mahinepua-Radar Hill Landcare Group, have a lovely Kiwi pair in need of names.  We are trying to address this problem and at the same time make some money towards our Predator Control program by auctioning off the naming rights for this male kiwi, who is one of our 2 kiwi males wearing a transmitter. 

This handsome kiwi fellow in the photo above is a North Island Brown Kiwi who has been sporting a miniature transmitter so our chairman, Doug Jane, can monitor his activities to see if he is successfully hatching chicks from eggs laid by his mate. He is currently known simply as # 3.

The other feather bundle seen in this photo is #3’s partner, also as yet un-named. The bundle of feathers also seen in the photograph is the life partner of # 3 who has laid the egg at present being incubated.

The newly named will join ‘Fred, Jade, Gunslinger, Josephine, Hiringa and The Ladd on our Kiwi roll.  The photo of the kiwi in the attachment (#3) is of the male half of a pair that are on their 2nd attempt at a chick this season.  The first egg laid was found broken, which happens sometimes, but the heroic female has laid a second egg and our #3 is at present (according to the transmitter) sitting on this.  The female is heroic laying a second egg, as they are extremely large eggs and if it was me, I would think that one was enough!  This season we have had a number of reports on Northland incubations not prospering due to the extremely wet weather we have had this winter.

If you are interested in bidding in our forthcoming ‘naming’ auction we and our kiwi would thank you very much! 

All the proceeds from this auction will go toward helping the Mahinepua-Radar Hill Landcare Group continue to look after the local kiwi population, including helping to pay the costs of controlling predators in the kiwi area. MRHLG Chairman Doug Jane says, “The work of the Group since 2002 has provided a safer area for kiwi to breed and we hope this kiwi stays nearby to maintain the local breeding population.”

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