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News on the Kiwi front.

On February 22nd Lesley and Doug took Tohu, (kiwi locator dog) and the second camera and went to check both the sitting kiwi and place a camera on the nesting site of our new kiwi GRAHAM.
Thanks go to Helen Sheard for the name. Helen’s father Graham, as well as her late husband were both keen conservationists with a particular interest in birds and we are very happy to remember them with a kiwi who will, with our help, inhabit our bush for the next 50 years. Graham’s partner Matahua, (meaning fertile in Maori) has been named by Verena and Luke Meintjes. This is a lovely, as well as very appropriate name as Matahua has laid at least 2 eggs this season! The first nesting attempt by each of our incubators, Fred and Graham, resulted in eggs broken in the nest and subsequently abandoned.

Now we are very happy to learn that Fred and Jade may have produced yet another chick. A sibling for Hiringa, who was named by Bruce and Anne McNamara previously. Lesley thinks it possible that there is still an egg in the burrow. More of that later. We cannot check this during the day when Fred is on the nest.

Graham is still sitting on his egg and we hope that this new txm male will prove to be as successful as Fred. Two eggs is a mighty effort for a female kiwi and incubating more than one egg a mighty effort for the male.

With both cameras in place covering the nesting sites, we hope to have more news of these kiwi and the chicks.

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